Jugoslavian 'mustan aallon' lyhytelokuvia ja keskustelua torstaina 3.12. klo 18

Torstai, joulukuu 3, 2015 - 18:00
Exhibition Laboratory

Film screening and discussion with Branko Dimitrijevic and Sezgin Boynik at the Exhbition Laboratory on Thursday 3rd December at 18


EARLY WORKS (Rani radovi, dir: Želimir Žilnik, Yugoslavia, 1969, 87 min)

A group of young urban revolutionaries after the demonstrations of 1968 in Belgrade, embark on an expedition to wake-up the communist consciousness among the peasants in rural communities of the northern Serbia. With their highly charged slogans they attempt to foment direct cultural-political action among the masses. However, they are confronted with a series of obstacles…

This first full-length film by one of the most innovative and prolific Yugoslav filmmakers is also one of the examples of the “black wave” cinema of the late 1960s. It is a striking period-piece that deals with the consequences of radical and progressive political ideas after the events of 1968, and could be compared to films by Jean Luc Godard from the same time. The film received the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 1969. (In Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles.)

After the film screening Sezgin Boynik and Branislav Dimitrijević will discuss the political and aesthetic implications of this film, its relation to the 1968 events in Yugoslavia, to political cinema and critical theory in that time, as well as its significance today.




Branislav Dimitrijević is Professor of History and Theory of art based in Belgrade. He is writing on art, film and popular culture of the socialist Yugoslavia and on relations of contemporary art and politics. He is the invited Resident Fellow of the residency-program of the Academy of Fine Arts from mid September to mid December. 


Sezgin Boynik, PhD is a Sezgin Boynik (1977), lives and works in Helsinki. He has completed his Phd in Jyväskylä University Social Science department on the topic of "Cultural Politics of Black Wave in Yugoslavia from 1963 to 1972". He has been publishing on punk, relation between aesthetics and politics, on cultural nationalism, Situationist International and Yugoslavian cinema. Co-edited reader Nationalism and Contemporary Art (with Minna L. Henriksson, Rhizoma & EXIT, Prishtina, 2007), and co-authored book on History of Punk and Underground in Turkey, 1978-1999 (with Tolga Guldalli, BAS, Istanbul, 2008) Apart from scholarly work he is also active as conceptual artist.