Another Academy: Before and After the Educational Turn

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Many radical initiatives have addressed the twin subjects of art and education in recent decades, often posed as alternative modes of learning to those present within the neoliberal academy. Another Academy seeks to bring together international artists, art teachers, professors and students to share local experiences and strategies to assess possible forms of resistance to commodified forms of contemporary education. The Another Academy takes place in ‘translocal’ contexts, both to remember and reimagine “the groves of academe” as a space of exchange.

We have asked six 10-minute provocations from the following people: Gavin Butt (University of Northumbria), Jeanne van Heeswijk & Joy Mariama Smith, Łukasz Jastrubczak (The Art Academy of Szczecin, Poland), Gudskul (Jakarta), Anders Carlsson & Aune Kallinen (Uniarts, Helsinki) and LAPSODY (LAPS MA students).

The preliminary question for the discussion is, that when the Another Academy takes place in translocal contexts, yet, it is the global deregulated markets and the neoliberal politics or policies that determine — often violently — the conditions for education, artistic practice, or distribution and circulation of knowledge. What kind of strategies, practices, forms of revolt or methods you would like to share for our common discussion?

A collaboration between LAPS, Uniarts Helsinki; Northumbria University, Newcastle; The Szczecin Art Academy; TRAFO, Szczecin and Publics, Helsinki.

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19.9.2020 klo 14:00 – 18:00


Publics Helsinki: Sturenkatu 37-41, Helsinki & Zoom


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