Syrjälä/Nagaraja/Sippola/Kosonen: The performing musician as composer – ancient and contemporary investigations into sonic creativity

Research Pavilion in Venice
Lauantai, kesäkuu 17, 2017 - 11:30 - 13:00
Sala del Camino, Theatre Space

Pauliina Syrjälä/Krishna Nagaraja/Laura Sippola/Sirkka Kosonen: The performing musician as composer – ancient and contemporary investigations into sonic creativity 

This round table session shares, demonstrates, investigates and discusses various access routes to the music making processes of the performing musician. The members of the group each conduct their own artistic research project involving composing, improvising, sound art and songwriting. In contemporary Finnish folk music, the age-old practice of making one´s own music has remained active, blending historically informed performance practice with contemporary visions. During the event, the group will also arrange interventions of open access music making in Venice and in the surroundings of the Research Pavilion.

In connection with the Uniarts Helsinki Research Pavilion in Venice, the Sibelius Academy is organising a Nordic research symposium "Encounters, Discussions, Experimentations: Art, Research and Artistic Research in Music” together with its partners, the Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research at the Norwegian Music Academy and the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg. The two-day event focuses on music and the multifaceted interrelationships between music and research, as well as artistic research in music. One of the aims of the event is to generate Nordic collaboration to foster the planning and organising of research symposia/conferences and research projects as well as publications.

The Research Pavilion is created and hosted by Uniarts Helsinki, and realized together with the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme and the Swedish Art Universities’ collaboration Konstex in co-operation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Zurich University of the Arts.