Photo: Ruth Lehtola

Feel Helsinki: César Franck - ''Le Grand Chef'’ of organ art

Lauantai, kesäkuu 8, 2019 - 19:30 - 20:15
Music Centre, Organo
Vapaa pääsy
César Franck's organ music.

César Franck has been referred to as one of the most significant organ composers right after J.S. Bach. The organ struggled as an instrument during the time after the French Revolution, because the Church and the State had been separated. Belgium-born César Franck studied and went on to become a professor of organ at the Paris Conservatoire, later bringing the state of organ music back to its glory. César Franck is the grandfather of the Post-Revolution French organ art with a significant legacy.

Hanna Koljonen, Kristian Saarinen and Arttu Selonen study at the Kuopio Unit of the Sibelius Academy. They have practised French organ repertoire for their study trip to France scheduled for May 2019. César Franck’s impact on organ music is best manifested in the 3-chorale series that he composed during his final years. In this case, a chorale doesn’t refer to a traditional hymn-based piece that has been composed in a strictly stylised way, and instead, it resembles a fantasy-filled tone poem. Franck himself never had the time to play his chorales on the organ, but his students finished the work by preparing the instructions for how the piece should be played, for example.


Feel Helsinki is a new urban festival for the whole family, taking place at the Helsinki Music Centre on 8 June. Uniarts Helsinki organises well over a thousand events for the public on a yearly basis, but Feel Helsinki is the first opportunity to enjoy the talents of the university’s students and alumni in one place through a day-long event. The festival has program that is especially tailored for children.

Feel Helsinki invites people to come together and engage all of their senses by enjoying food, wine, art and meaningful discussions. The main partner in the event is the Viini magazine, which will turn the Helsinki Music Centre into a hub of interesting pop-up restaurants, offering delicious menus.

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