Photo: Aoki Takamasa
Mark Fell.

Screening and performance: Mark Fell

Keskiviikko, huhtikuu 1, 2015 - 18:00 - 20:00
Exhibition Laboratory
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Mark Fell: performance Microtemporal works, screening of Music Of The Eternal Now: Post-Husserlian Temporality, Pattern Cyclic Time-Consciousness And Computer Music, Q&A session

Mark Fell is a Sheffield-based artist and electronic musician who works with new technologies, sound, image and interaction, drawing from experimental electronic music, contemporary art, philosophy and computer science. His aim has always been to get as far away from ‘representational’ music as possible, and he sees the use of spatial effects as an attempt to evoke something beyond music itself, of which his own compositions function as  modernist critique. He was born in Sheffield, UK, in 1966 and has performed and exhibited extensively at many major international festivals and institutions.

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