Pedro G. Romero: Mosaic law. 12.12.2018

| video
Pedro G. Romero, Artist: Mosaic law (in English/Spanish). Lecture held at the KuvA Reseach day 12.12.2018. 
Beyond a binarism that may accept or refuse images, which is to say iconoclast hostility from religions and biblical cultures (Jews, Muslims and Protestants, to name some reductionists examples) I am interested in how from catholic iconodules, specially from subordinate practices, destruction of images is not an identity mark (like-unlike) but a convenient management to reduce their power and share it among the community, distributing its efficiency. The deal is to break the fetish, so it could remain magical. To tear apart an image is not to destroy it but to multiply it in thousand images.
Juan El Camas, Sevillan flamenco musician, used to show to his pupils a sacred icon, which according to his anarchist fame, turned into pieces which immediately kissed and offered to each of his friends, so they could remain in tight communication, embraced by the mosaic. The issue, I think, is to understand the “mosaic law” which keeps all those pieces and fragments of images, together but apart, one and multiple.