The ARTSEQUAL research initiative, coordinated by the University of the Arts Helsinki and funded by the Academy of Finland, examines the arts as public service, with equality as the starting point, and explores how the arts can meet the social challenges of the 2020s.


Previous Research Projects

Shifting Dialogues: Research Project on Asian Performance and Fine Arts 2011−2014
Shifting Dialogues was a joint research project between Theatre Academy Helsinki and Academy of Fine Arts (AAPC, Asian Art and Performance Consortium). The project was funded by Academy of Finland and led by Professor Esa Kirkkopelto from Theatre Academy Helsinki. Research fellows are Ray Langenbach, Jukka O. Miettinen, Stefan Kuzay and Anna Thuring and doctoral students Maya Tångeberg-Grischin, Jay Koh, Mikko Bredenberg and Shoji Kato.


From Perception to Expression: Facilitating the Embodied Processes of the Contemporary Dancer through Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology and Wilhelm Reich's Character Analysis 2010−2012

Reasearch projects funded by The Academy of Finland (PI Dr Leena Rouhiainen, Theatre Acade my). Open access publication


Training Artists for Innovation 2010–2011
A project in collaboration with Cultuur-Ondernemen (NL), TILLT (SWE), Artlab (DK), Conexiones improbables (ES), and KEA European Affairs (BE) and funded by the EU Culture Programme (Researcher, Dr Kai Lehikoinen, Theatre Academy). Open access publication


Quality of Life, Creative Pathways for Family Learning 2009–2012

A project in collaboration with Live Music Now (UK), De Stichting Koffer (NL), and UniT (AT), funded by EU Grundtvig Programme (Researcher, Dr. Kai Lehikoinen, Theatre Academy).


Actor’s Art in Modern Times 2008−2010
Funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, a project in TeaK in collaboration with the University of  Helsinki, Department  of  Theatre  Research  and  the  University  of  Tampere, Department  of  Drama and Theatre Research, Centre for the Practise-Based Theatre Research (PI Esa Kirkkopelto, professor of artistic research / Theatre Academy).


Moving Mosaic  – Exploring Collegial Collaboration as a Way of Identifying and Transforming the Culture of Dance Teaching 2008–2010
Funded by The Finnish Work Environment Fund (PI Dr Teija Löytönen).


Challenging the Notion of Knowledge 2005−2007
Publication Ways of Knowing in Dance and Art (pdf-tiedosto) has been published in Theatre Academy's Acta Scenica publication series.


Making a Difference in Dance 2002–2004
Funded by The Academy of Finland, (PI Soili Hämäläinen, Professor / Theatre Academy).



Acta Scenica


Tidskrift för Konsnärlig Forskning Ruukku



CARPA − Colloquium on Artistic Research
CARPA is a biannual international colloquium that focuses on performance art and artistic research. The colloquium is organised by the Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke) of the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.


Symposium on Interspecies Performance 2013
The symposium was organized 16.−17.9.2013 by Performing Arts Research Centre, Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki. The theme of the symposium was Renegotiating ”Us”: In Performance with Other Species.


Network Events

Reserach Symposium of the Hollo Institute 2013
The fourth international research symposium of the Hollo institute took place at tha Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki October 9-11, 2013.