MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance (MAECP)

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Contents of Studies and Degree Requirements
The study contents and core modules intertwine and interact with each others in various ways within the programme each academic year, depending on the current projects, collaborations and networks as well as the needs of the programme and its students.
The structure of the program aims to enable collaboration and dialogue on various levels: between the students, between the students and the teachers/mentors, as well as between various degree programmes, academies and artistic and scientific communities. It also supports intensive and extensive collaboration and networking with artists and other professionals, both in Finland and abroad.
MAECP Open Lecture Series
MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance has curated an open lecture series throughout its existence.
Head of programme Kira O'Reilly. Part-time lecturer Dr Tuija Kokkonen.

Overall Learning Objectives

Overall Learning Objectives

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