Sebastian Silén

  • Doktorand, Docmus-tohtorikoulu, Sibelius-Akademin

Forskning och publikationer


Contextualizing Jean Sibelius’s Works for Violin and Piano
– Nordic Violin Music from the 19th and early 20th century.

Abstract of the concert series plan

The five concerts give five different perspective on Nordic music, exploring both similarities and differences. 

1. CD Recording: Finnish music from the 19th century by Pacius, Kajanus and Sibelius

2. Nordic Connections (Non-programmatic Nordic Music)

3. Nordic atmosphere

4. Song and Dance for Violin and Piano

5. Sibelius, a Nordic composer?

Abstract of the written thesis

The written work explores relevant friendships and interactions between composers within the Nordic countries, in order to understand the musical society, and the Nordic connections which existed at the time Sibelius wrote his works for violin and piano.