Anu Lampela

  • Universitetslektor, föreställningsforskning, tvärkonstnärlig samarbete, piano, Doktorandskolan DocMus, Forskning och doktorandutbildning
  • +358407104288


Anu Vehviläinen has specialised in Karol Szymanowski’s solo piano music as well as his works for violin and piano with violinist Mieko Kanno. She has recorded the whole output of Szymanowski’s solo piano works (Alba Records, 5 albums).

Vehviläinen is a member of the artistic research group, the Silence Ensemble, with dancer Kirsi Heimonen and visual artist Petri Kaverma. The group has work f.ex. on the notions of ‘silence’, ‘now-moment’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘practicing’. During 2018-2019 the Silence Ensemble received a one-year funding from the Centre for Artistic Research (CfAR, Uniarts Helsinki).  

Vehviläinen is the founder of the Doctors in Performance Festival Conference.