Photo: Eeva Anundi

Elina Tanskanen: Some thoughts about Arts Management Programme

Elina Tanskanen has been studying for almost two years in Arts Management program in Sibelius Academy. We wanted to hear what kind of advice she has to offer for everyone planning to apply.

What is it like to study in the Arts Management program?

I have to be honest, the program won't make you an expert in accounting, cultural policy or even in audience engagement. You go through all of those things and much more, but there is so much ground to cover that most subjects don't get enough time. That said, at the end of the program, you feel like you genuinely have a well-rounded vision of most issues concerning the arts management field. And of course, if you are more interested in certain topics, you can go deeper into them in your course essays and eventually your thesis.

Why would you recommend the program?

Our group has had such a stellar dynamic. Very different people from different backgrounds have come together to debate (and even sometimes argue!) about so many different issues, from very practical to highly theoretical stuff. Sometimes classes can even resemble therapy sessions! I will be forever grateful for this interlude from cynical, hectic so-called real life. You have to take time and distance to reflect on issues that you might have been dealing with on day-to-day basis in your work. It is really important to properly think about those subjects versus just mindlessly executing tasks.

What kind tips do you have for the future student?

If you end up studying in a program like this, take the time for it: it can’t be done while working full time. And be prepared to do endless group assignments and essays and Power point -presentations!

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