Doran George in Memoriam

It was with tremendous sadness that we learnt that Doran George, dancer, choreographer and scholar, died in Los Angeles in late November. Doran had been a visiting artist to the programme, teaching one of the first workshops in the programme in during the autumn semester of 2016.

Dr. Doran George was a cultural historian writing on sexual culture, avant-garde dance, and performance art. They were working on a book that will be the first critical history of the impact of ‘Somatic’ training on contemporary dance, a project that we hope will be published in the fullness of time. Doran was also a performance artist and choreographer who deconstructed socio-political identity categories, stages work that built and indeed continues to build micro-communities, and cultivate radical practices of intimacy.

They staged work in arts and non-arts contexts, which  included working with people facing bereavement and terminal illness. Doran’s artwork and scholarship is represented in art books, Oxford University Press anthologies, journals. Doran lectured in Dance, Disability Studies and LGBTQ Studies in UCLA and had recently taken up a new post at University of California Riverside, they had also significantly expanded their teaching into erotic work in both art and sex-positive contexts. Alongside academic work, art practice, and teaching, Doran engaged in public scholarship through writing and symposia they produced, and they mentored artists such as through California’s Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange programme and London’s Wellcome Trust

You can read more about Doran George on a memorial page for them by UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance: