Becoming disabled

lördag, juli 1, 2017 - 10:00 till 13:00
Research Pavilion
Fritt inträde
A performative workshop and installation, part I - by Liisa Jaakonaho & Kristina Junttila

Workshop around the theme of disability and access, seeing disability as a category that can be explored creatively, rather than as a biological ‘fact’. We offer an opportunity for participants to reflect on one’s own (potential) disability through simple and accessible exercises that leave traces to the space. We want to explore how disability might suggest different affective and relational experiences in relation to oneself, others and the environment.

We are warmly inviting artist/researcher colleagues - and anyone interested - to take part in the workshop. Participation is free of charge. Deadline is 15th June 2017. Please e-mail one of us with your name and contact details:
Liisa Jaakonaho: / Kristina Junttila:

Kristina Junttila is a performance artist, teacher and PhD-research fellow at the Arts Academy, University of Tromsø, Norway. She holds a master in Live Art and Performance Studies and theatre pedagogy from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. In her research she is looking at the potential of an exercise in Live Art. See

Liisa Jaakonaho is a Doctoral Candidate at Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts, Helsinki. She is an interdisciplinary practitioner of dance pedagogy, movement therapy, socially engaged art, and performance. In her research she investigates ethical tensions in and around her work as a dance pedagogue with differently abled people. See