Michael Dudeck in Totem and Tabu [video still], directed by Pascal Lievre, 2014.

LAPS Open Lecture: Sanctum by Michael Dudeck

torsdag, januari 18, 2018 - 18:00 till 20:00
Teatterikorkeakoulu, Auditorio 1
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LAPS Open Lecture: Sanctum by Michael Dudeck

S A N C T U M 


Michael Dudeck


For the past ten years, Michael Dudeck’s work as an artist, writer, and witchdoctor, has probed and excavated the role of ritual and religion in the age of information through an ongoing, interdisciplinary performance fiction called The Religion Virus. Methods of both Research and Practise have thus far included : live performance of stylized sacrificial and processional rites, the creation of fictional languages and scriptures, the composing and live performance of invented psalms, powerpoint sermons, museological installations housing artifacts and invented didactics, long durational vows of silence, live neomonastic illuminations, and the publication of three artist monographs, amongst others. Dudeck has performed, exhibited, screened and lectured in over twenty countries, undergone three years of fieldwork in the High Canadian Arctic, and was artist in residence for 1.5 years at America's oldest independent theological seminary. He is currently undergoing a PhD in Practise at Edinburgh College of Art where he is writing, performing, inscribing and illuminating a fictional bible as a live, durational artwork. Sanctum will explore these past ten years of Dudeck’s research and practise through the lens of ritual performance, exploring the ways in which contemporary secular publics engage with queer ritual and performative appropriations of religious iconographies and neo-ceremonial positionalities.