SibA Research Days 2018

tisdag, mars 20, 2018 - 10:00 till onsdag, mars 21, 2018 - 15:00
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Research Days

Welcome to the third annual SibA Research Days, co-organized by the DocMus and MuTri Doctoral Schools! This event is presented in the spirit of collaboration, exploration and discovery. The aim is to provide a space, where students and teachers from the various artistic, scientific and applied research disciplines can come together to learn from and connect to one another; to discover and examine similarities and differences; to collaborate on problem-solving and shared areas of interest.

SibA Research Days 2018 will be held in the Helsinki Music Centre. The working language will be English and most of the events are open to all. SibA doctoral students and prospective students are especially encouraged to attend. Pre-registration is required for Tuesday's lunch, coffee and social event as well as Wednesday's workshop.


Tuesday, March 20 - Black Box

10:00-10:30 Opening Welcome
Professor Vesa Kurkela, Director of MuTri Doctoral School
Moderator: Doctoral Student Katja Thomson (MuTri)
10:30-11:30 Keynote (inaugural lecture): Music Research - A Combination of Curiosity, Good Luck, Persistence, Good Advice, and Problem-solving
Professor of Music Research Tuire Kuusi, DocMus Doctoral School

11:30-12:30 Lunch
Vice Rector Paula Tuovinen offers a lunch and has a discussion with doctoral students in Agora. Pre-registration is required. For doctoral students only.

12:30-13:30 After Lunch Concert I
-    Sebastian Silén (DocMus), violin, and Martin Malmgren, piano
Fredrik Pacius: Variationer öfver motivet: "Studenter äro muntra bröder" (1842)
-    Anne Piirainen (DocMus), clarinet, and Kirill Kozlovski, piano
Russian Clarinet Music: S. Senderey and V. Artyomov
-    Pauliina Syrjälä (MuTri)
    Pauliina Syrjälä: Ikimetsä; Pohjolan ääret (I Magellanin pilvet, II Kefeidi, III Linnunrata)
Moderator: Doctoral Student Jyrki Myllärinen (DocMus)

13:45-15:15 Spotlights on Doctoral Projects
Doctoral students presents their current research projects at DocMus and MuTri.
-    Pauliina Valtasaari (DocMus), Methods of Mental Coaching and Clinical Supervision for Professional Musicians  
-    Riikka Talvitie (DocMus), Becoming Composer - towards Dialogical Practise
-    Leena Lampinen (DocMus), The Selection of Choral Repertoire in the North-Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania
-    Paola Livorsi (MuTri), Human Voice and Instrumental Sound: Embodied Perception and Performative Space
-    Johanna Talasniemi (DocMus), Aulikki Rautawaara as a Performer of Sibelius' Songs. Cultural Historical Singer Research
-    Sirkku Rintamäki (DocMus), A Voyage of Discovery into the Soul of the Hymn - Approaches to Affect-based Hymnal Practice
Moderator: Doctoral Student Anne Piirainen (DocMus)

15:15-15:45 Coffee

15:45-17:15 Lecture-workshop: Musician-researcher, Reality or Myth? Different Profiles and Career Management
Postdoctoral Research Fellow Guadalupe Lopéz Íñiguez
Moderator: Doctoral Student Päivi Hirvonen (MuTri)

17:30-19:30 Social Event in Agora
For doctoral students only. Pre-registration is required.

Wednesday, March 21 - Agora Hall

10:00-11:30 Conference Session
This session gives an opportunity to practice delivering a paper in conference style.
Chair: Doctoral Student Samuli Korkalainen (DocMus)
-    Minja Koskela (MuTri), Feminist Researcher on Social Media: How to Make an Impact?
-    Inkeri Jaakkola (DocMus), Musical Interruption as a Drama Device in Paavo Heininen's Opera Silkkirumpu op. 45
-    Olga Heikkilä (DocMus), Influence of 19th Century Cabaret Tradition in Arnold Schönberg's Pierrot Lunaire

11:30-12:30 Lunch (not provided)

12:30-12:50 After Lunch Concert II
-    Satu Elijärvi (DocMus), piano
Franz Liszt: Années de pèlerinage 1, Suisse (1855) (Au lac de Wallenstadt; Vallée d'Obermann)

12:50-13:15 Spotlights on Doctoral Projects
-    Hanna Ojamo (MuTri), Arts Organizations on the Verge of a New Era - A Case Study of the Changes in Funding and Leadership in State-Subsidized Orchestras and Art Museums in Helsinki
-    Anna Pulli (DocMus), French Baroque Organ Music and Finnish Lutheran Vespers - My Next Concert Project in May
Moderator: Doctoral Student Samuli Korkalainen (DocMus)

13:30-15:00 Workshop: Help Me with My Problems!
Facilitator: Doctoral Student Päivi Hirvonen (MuTri)
This is a low-stress opportunity for doctoral students to share and discuss challenges they are facing in their studies. Come network and get peer support! For doctoral students as well as DocMus and MuTri personnel only.


Tuesday, March 20 – Black Box: 10:00 - 17.15
Tuesday, March 20 – Agora Hall: 17:30-19:30
Wednesday, March 21 – Agora Hall: 10:00- 15:00

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