Concert and Presentation with AEKI ensemble

lördag, november 30, 2019 - 17:00 till 18:30
Musikhuset, Organo
Fritt inträde
Concert and Presentation with AEKI ensemble: Bridging Cultures Through Musical Exchange Between Finland and Other Countries.

AEKI ensemble:
Antoine Flores Gracia, saxophone
Cindy Shih, cello
Sara Aratake, clarinet

Presentation/Concert Program:

Before the Journey to Cambodia
Our First Impressions in Cambodia
The People We Met
Cultural Activities

Premiere Performance in Finland:
Le danseuses de Rodin (2019) – Bosba Panh (Cambodia)
Premiere work – Daniel Matínez García ( Mexico)
Premiere work – Erick Tapia (Mexico)

After Thoughts
Future Projects
Q and A session

AEKI ensemble is a non-standard chamber group founded by three masters degree students from the Sibelius Academy who came from very different cultural backgrounds and is passionate about meeting and connecting with different cultures through music commissions and performances.

Their first project in 2019 has lead them to an incredible journey in Cambodia in May of this year. AEKI ensemble is excited to share their inspiration from this journey to the public in Finland, premiere the piece commissioned for them by the young talented Cambodian composer Bosba Panh, as well as discuss the importance of bridging cultures through music. For further information as well as our blog please see:

Mer information:
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