MuTri Days at the Sibelius Academy

torsdag, mars 19, 2015 - 10:00 till fredag, mars 20, 2015 - 11:30
Musikhuset, Agora hall, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki Music Centre, ground floor
Fritt inträde
Welcome to MuTri Days in March 19-20, 2015 to hear the latest research and meet the charismatic students of Sibelius Academy’s MuTri doctoral school

This year the MuTri Days will be held at Agora hall in the Helsinki Music Centre, Sibelius Academy. The main language of MuTri Days.

This year we'll also publish an abstract booklet, which introduces most of the students and researchers of MuTri – Come and have one for yourself!


Thursday March 19th 2015
10.00 What is Mutri all about?
Opening address and welcome The director of the MuTri doctoral school Professor Vesa Kurkela
Doctoral studies in Art, Research and Applied Study Programmes The senior advisor of the doctoral school Hannu Tolvanen
Presenting “My doctoral studies in 5 minutes”
Art Study Programme:
  • Soila Sariola
  • Alejandro Montes de Oca
Research Study Programme:
  • Danielle Treacy
  • Mervi Luonila
Applied Study Programme:
  • Alejandro Olarte
  • Vilma Timonen
Panel discussion
12.30 Presentations of MuTri Students
  • Elena Mindru: A Spectrographic Portrait of the Jazz Voice
  • Pauliina Syrjälä: Jooseppi Pohjola’s kantele: style, technique and artistic research
  • Dominik Schlienger: Acoustic Localisation Techniques for Interactive and Locative Audio Applications
  • Eeva Siljamäki: The interface of theatre and music in collaborative free vocal improvisation - exploring the pedagogical implications
14.30 Musical Performance by MuTri students, address by Rector Tiina Rosenberg
14.30 Music performance: Jenny Robson, voice and Visa-Pekka Mertanen (Visa Oscar), keyboards and electronics
14.45 Tiina Rosenberg: Don't be quiet, start a riot. On Feminism and Performing Arts
15.45–16 Improvisation performance
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