POST DOC ART evenemanget: Communality in artistic research

torsdag, maj 3, 2018 - 15:00 till 19:00
Är du doktor i konst eller en forskare intresserad av konstnärlig forskning? Välkommen att delta torsdagen 3.5.2018, kl. 15.00–19 i Post Doc Art evenemanget som arrangeras av Centret för konstnärlig forskning (CfAR) vid Konstuniversitetet. Evenemanget går av stapeln vid Teaterhögskolan, sal 535, Aspnäsgatan 6, Helsingfors. 


Welcome to the fourth post-doc gathering organised by Centre for Artistic Research (CfAR) at Uniarts Helsinki on Thursday 3.5.2018 at 15:00–19 at the Theatre Academy, Room 535, Staircase C (Haapaniemenkatu 6, Helsinki).

Silence Ensemble (dancer Kirsi Heimonen, fine artist Petri Kaverma and pianist Anu Vehviläinen) invite you to discuss about communality in artistic research. The program consists of a presentation (about our research process) a keynote speech by professor Jaana Hallamaa as well as discussion with the participants.

SILENCE ENSEMBLE We, three artist-researchers have worked in collaboration where the focus is on praxis. We began our collaborative work two years ago by exploring the notion of silence through our art forms: movement, piano playing, drawing/videoing. The notion of silence acted as a background to our (artistic) deeds, and has revealed a great deal of the habits and preconceptions of each of us and of our art forms.

Our aim is not in productions or showings. We have taken another pathway: to question the role of an artist-scholar in academy as well as in society. The issues related to profit responsibility, pressure to produce faster and more, as well as competition need to be balanced with something else, namely trust, time, allowing atmosphere. Appreciation toward inactivity opens the possibility and space for art to appear; personal aspirations give way to processes that unfold in unexpected ways.

JAANA HALLAMAA Professor of Social Ethics, Faculty of Theology, University of Helsinki, has wide expertise in different fields of ethics, both theoretical and practical. In her research, she has dealt with racism, the concept of human person, bioethics and research ethics. In her recent research, she has concentrated on the fascinating topic of human co-operation.

Program 3.5.2018

Silence Ensemble: What have we been doing? Some notions about our ongoing artistic research project.


Professor Jaana Hallamaa: Art as Social Action. Implications for Research.

17:00–18:30 Discussion + drinks and snacks


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