Photo: Davide Giovanzana

Playing the victim

lördag, april 27, 2019 - 16:00
Teatterikorkeakoulu, tila 535
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Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki / Konstuniversitetets Teaterhögskola,

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Playing the victim


Playing the victim: a research on sacrifice. ”I am not stupid. Sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself so you can ask more from others. And sometimes you simply need to crash like a car.” The major mass movements of last century – fascism, nationalsocialism, communism, and more recently fanatics linked with terrorism – used (and abused) the rhetoric of sacrifice: sacrifice of the ones opposing the movement and simultaneously self-sacrifice among the followers. If we look at the horrifying Isis videos of beheaded prisoners or the terrifying manifesto by Norwegian far-right terrorist, Andres Behring Breivik, we can notice disturbing contemporary instances of this link between violence and sacrifice. However, this co-presence of violence and sacrifice is not only a feature of nowadays, it can be found already in fundamental texts of Western culture, such as Homer’s Iliad or the Bible. The project will explore how this “narrative of sacrifice” is present and represented in our everyday life.


Joel Forsbacka, Josefin Fri, Martin Paul, Tom Salminen, Astrid Stenberg, Antonia Stenfelt (all S3)

Researcher and pedagogue: 
Davide Giovanzana

Assistant: Yuko Takeda



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The performance will be hold in English and Swedish.