Photo: Fannie Falk

A glimpse in the experience of fascia meditation


While sinking into the fascia meditation I dive into extreme softness and a state of hyper sensitivity. Meditating in the corpse pose or shavasana, there is some severe help from the gravity given to the body. Giving into gravity is easy. I reach a place of timelessness and space without limits or boundaries. I melt into the space around me, sink, float, perhaps experience pain in specific spots.

When pain reaches and burns in one spot it affects the rest of the body. It might send a wave of warmth through the entire body and burst out of it in form of tears, this happens when I reach an emotional blockage. It is a curious thing where pain decides to settle in the body. We have different places, also called blind spots by Margret Sara, that we don´t notice ourselves what is stored in there. I have noticed that a lot of my emotional pain is stored in my feet. And yes, I realize when I wrote this here, how peculiar it sounds. Why my feet store my emotional pain, I have no idea. Maybe after decades I will find out. Some of it is also stored in the lung area, for example in a nerve jam I regularly get between my scapula and spine. In the meditation my spine actively tries to fix it. I notice how my head starts to move involuntarily, I might begin to breathe much deeper and heavier, and sometimes this nerve jam clicks open.

Guðjónsdóttir calls this meditation a self healing practice. There is time you give yourself lying still for long periods of time. Very non-productive one might think. Still it´s amazing how much non-doing might do. I feel a lot is happening during those hours, even if sometimes I experience stillness and well, stillness. After long sessions of meditating I feel spaced out for the rest of the day. I need a lot of sleep, I become extremely sensible to the energies of other people. I suffer from aggression and negativity. I want to wrap myself up in a soft blanket, watch It´s a wonderful world or something similar and eat cake. I feel like a baby bird. I also see the rest of the world with more mercy. I want to take time, after all, there is nothing but time. I feel very fragile. It feels like a state that makes the most sense I´ve felt for a long time. It opens the sensitivity of the entire body. Often times, we live in a very eye- oriented society, we see what is before us, we see where we are heading. But what is around us, behind us, up and down we can sense with other parts if we slow down to listen. We sense the space around more clearly, what we are in contact with, energies without physical contact. It´s an explosion of senses! But in an extremely soft way. 

Karoliina Loimaala