The Sibelius Academy Foundation

The Sibelius Academy Foundation is an independent foundation operating in connection with the Sibelius Academy. The foundation supports the Academy financially by grants.


2019 starts on Monday 5th of November 2018 and ends on Wednesday 23th of January 2019 at 4:00 pm Finnish time. Apply for a grant by submitting an online form filled in the online application service. The service is open during the application period only (follow the link below). To avoid last minute rush in the service, please submit your application well in advance before the application period ends. Doctoral students, please notice that from the beginning of year 2017 the Sibelius Academy will pay language check and printing of doctoral dissertations and theses. This means that doctoral students no longer need to apply for funding. Additional information will be given via doctoral schools and in Artsi.

Apply for a grant

Dean’s policy for granting scholarships


More funds are needed

Creating music, studying, practising, and performing require substantial financial sacrifices. Tax-free grants and scholarships given for studies, excursions, and instrument purchases are always greatly appreciated. Only a fraction of the annual grant and scholarship applications can be approved. More funds are needed.

Donations are always used according to the donor’s wishes. Donors can decide whether their donations are used all at once or turned into a fund. When creating funds, the actual donation is retained forever and only the annual income is used for grants and scholarships. We use only the best experts when investing donated funds.

Donating is easy

Our personnel assists with all questions regarding donations and trust funds with confidentiality. You can support us in various ways, including the following:

  • Lump sum or item donations
  • Directing anniversary gifts to our funds
  • Wills
  • Instrument acquisitions

Lump sum donations can be made to the foundation’s bank account:

Nordea FI76 2185 1800 1261 21

About the Foundation

The Sibelius Academy Foundation’s finances are based on property donated to funds. The biggest of them are the Maj Lind, Viljo and Riitta Laitinen, Selim and Minna Palmgren, Martta Sihvola, Oskar and Aurora Honkasalo, Helmi Vesa, Tauno Pylkkänen, Laura and Marketta Simes, Martti Pokela, and Armas Paloheimo funds.

The foundation is managed by a board nominated for two-year terms by the board of the University of the Arts Helsinki. The members of the board are Lauri Paloheimo (chairman), Tom von Weymarn (vice chairman), Kaarlo Hildén, Tapio Oksanen, and Marjaana Helminen.

Contact information

Sibelius Academy Foundation
P.O. Box 30 (Töölönkatu 28)
FI-00097 Uniarts

Tiina Tuomikoski (applications from 1.1.2019)
tel. +358 40 710 4232

Maarit Leinikka (applications)
tel. +358 46 923 0430

Heli Klemelä (Executive Officer)
tel. +358 40 585 6473