Politics, Arts, and Education

This project aims at producing a collection of academic articles written and edited together by a group of professors and doctoral students from the three academies of the University of the Arts Helsinki during the academic years 2014–15 and 2015–16. The articles examine themes related to arts education, citizenship, policy, and politics, making it possible for the participating students to familiarize themselves with the reading and writing of philosophical and theoretical texts in these areas. The project also aims at producing new research in the interest areas of the University of the Arts Helsinki, expanding increasing networking between researchers of similar interests in the three academies, and supporting the publishing policy of the doctoral programs within the University of the Arts Helsinki, especially as it pertains to texts written in English for international peer reviewed journals in the field of arts education. The project involves a weeklong writing course in the Finnish Cultural Centre in Athens, Greece, in June 2015. Before, during and after this course, the students and professors will work together to plan and write the publications, aided by international scholars. The connecting themes of the Athens summer course and the preliminary meetings include audience relations, democracy and political influence, and aesthetic theory. The course readings focus on the writings of Jacques Ranciére.

The project's steering group consists of professors Lauri Väkevä (SibA) and Heidi Westerund (SibA) and doctoral student and research assistant Tuulikki Laes (SibA).

Hautsalo, L. 2015: MuTri-tohtorikoulun artikkelityöpaja Jacques Rancièren filosofiasta Ateenassa



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