Pauliina Valtasaari


Master of Music / Sibelius Academy 2005 (violin)

Tutkimus ja julkaisut


Muusikoiden työnohjaus ja psyykkinen valmennus
Supervision and mental coaching for professional musicians

The aim of this project is to develop new methods of supervision and mental coaching that are applicable for professional musicians. My point of view is holistic, which means that musician is a psycho-physical-social actor, whose work contains psychological, physical and social challenges. My project is focusing mostly on the social working environment. My intention in this project is to apply current research data about musicians´ health and organizational psychology. There is not enough data about musicians´ work-related well-being and social factors from Finnish orchestras, and therefore I will gather essential data by interviewing musicians in Finland. My scientific framework is social psychological and I´m reflecting two different theories in my work: Rom Harre´s Positioning theory and Henri Tajfel´s Social identity theory. Positioning theory considers the interaction and interpersonal positions in social situations, whereas social identity theory is interested in the experience of the membership of the group and its significance for constructing trust and commitment in each community. I pursue to develop new coaching methods based on the interviews, and these methods would help musicians to maintain and improve their holistic working ability. The new methods contain supervised group workshops, but also personal guidance work. In the end of the project a handbook will be published about musicians´ work-related psychosocial well-being, directed for musicians´ everyday life. I will publish only those methods that I have tested critically in my workshops, and which are workable among musicians. The handbook will be a proper guide of professional development for musicians, music groups and pedagogues, but also a tool for mental coaches, supervisors and employers.