Myllärinen, Jyrki

Concert Soloist, City of Basel Music Academy, 1994

Master of Music, Sibelius Academy, 2001



Jyrki Myllärinen: Modern and contemporary Finnish guitar music from 1970s to the present: Five musical viewpoints on solo- and chamber music repertoire of professional Finnish composers

Abstract of the concert series plan

The topic area of my concert series is modern and contemporary Finnish guitar music.

Since the complete Finnish guitar repertoire includes nearly 500 compositions by over 70 composers, I´ve have had to make a noteworthy selection to choose music for the five concerts of my artistic dissertation. The program finally selected represents my personal predilection more than any objective cross-section of the Finnish guitar music repertoire. I decided to offer to the concert public five viewpoints to present, in my opinion, the most exemplary compositions from the vast Finnish guitar repertoire. In each concert I will premiere a new work from a Finnish composer.

Abstract of the written thesis

My written thesis consists of a performer-oriented analysis of two solo guitar compositions by Finnish composer Jukka Tiensuu (1948). Tiensuu is doubtless a major figure both in the Finnish and the international compositional scene and personally I esteem his strongly personal musical idiom. I will analyze the works Preludi, Ludi, Postludi (1974) and Drang (1998). The task of my analysis is to identify in the two compositions in question the musical characteristics which make them distinctive to Tiensuu and to offer a players’ guide to fellow guitarists willing to understand and play Tiensuu´s music.