Acoustic Localisation Techniques for Interactive and Locative Audio Applications

Institution: Centre for Music & Technology, Sibelius Academy, University f the Arts Helsinki

Years: 2012 - present

People: Dom Schlienger


Main Supervisor and Tutor: Dr. Sakari Tervo from Aalto University School of Science Media Technology Department's Virtual Acoustics Research Group, is the external expert and supervises my thesis.

Other supervisory board members: Kalev Tiits and Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski



"Research at the core of, and from within the artistic community"

For years creatives in the field of spatial interactivity have struggled with cumbersome and often uninspiring technology to use spatial position as an interface for expression in their work. Even today, if an application requires a participant to be tracked, often cameras are being used, and or contraptions in form of helmets, headphones with antennas, or cumbersome backpacks or even full bodysuits.

From my earlier research into positioning technology, it became clear that acoustic localisation-techniques can provide similar results with very reduced technological effort, namely using loudspeakers and in many cases a single microphone. Often, particularly in the case of most musical and audio visual applications, loudspeakers and microphones are already part of the system, the proposed technology is thus pervasive and ubiquitous.

Motivated by my own compositional work, which aims to integrate spatially dynamic elements as key parameters in compositional timelines, our aim is to develop a suitable and effective system in collaboration with other musicians and artists, dancers and theatre performers, for all scenarios where multiple speakers are already part of the application. Suitability of a prototype is then being explored in artistic practices.



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