Photo: Outi Korhonen

Electroacoustic music performance and improvisation: a pedagogical toolkit

Institution: University of the Arts Helsinki, Sibelius Academy, Center for Music and Technology

Years: 2012 - present

People: Alejandro Olarte



In my research project I am developing a pedagogical package or toolkit for studying electroacoustic music performance and improvisation. The package consists of a series of units, each of which investigates fundamental concepts of electroacoustic sound theory and its performance aspects through improvisational strategies. The units include software applications, hardware designs, musical exercises, and performing situations designed and organized in a progression of conceptual complexity. The toolkit is being developed using a process of qualitative enquiry and action research methodology, including fieldwork with test groups and triangulation with independent third party evaluator. This research is a response to the modern challenges of musicianship and sound technology. The results of this research will offer the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of electroacoustic music by performing with the tools of the genre, while simultaneously developing improvisation and performance skills using the manipulation of sound technology concepts.



 Art Education, Workshops and Teaching

  • 2012 – 2015 Live Electronics Atelier, Digital Instrument Laboratory, Supercollider, Arts University of Helsinki.
  • 2012 – 2014 Research Group in Interdisciplinary Improvisation, Arts University of Helsinki.
  • 2012 – 2013 Improlab, Improvisation techniques for musicians, Sibelius Academy. Helsinki.
  • 2013 November, Unen kuulijat. Kiasma, Contemporary Art Museum. Helsinki
  • 2013 October, Sonic workshop. Teatro dell’Argine, Bologna Italy.
  • 2013 May, Sonic Theater Workshop. Ethnographic Museum Warsaw, Poland.
  • 2013 March, Electroacoustic Performance. Intensive Programme Art of Sound Sound of Art. Conservatory of Music Stanislao Giacomantonio, Cosenza, Italy.
  • 2013 January, Sonic Art and Intercultural Adult Education. Kulttuurituotannon Koulutusohjelma Metropolia, Helsinki
  • 2012 November, Sonic Theatrer Workshop. Art for intercultural adaption conference, Artemisszio Foundation and Ariadne Grundtvig Multilateral Project, Budapest.
  • 2012 July, Sound, Music and Motion: Sound Art and Music in Cross-Disciplinary Improvisation. Third International Symposium on Music and Sonic Art, Institut für Musikwissenschaft und Musikinformatik, Karlsruhe.
  • 2012 June, Workshop for children in music technology. My Voice, Kiasma, Helsinki
  • 2012 June, Unlocking Dionysus to Awaken Apollo: Developing an Electroacoustic Improvisation Class Electroacoustic Music Studies Conference, The Royal College of Music, Stockholm.
  • 2012 April, Perspectives on Improvisation: A report from the Impro Research Group of the CMT International Music Club Conference, Conservatory of Petrozavodsk, Russia.
  • 2012 February, Hidden Control Lines. ORCIM International Seminar, Orpheus Institute, Ghent.
  • 2011 2012, Programming in Supercollider, Sibelius Academy, CMT, Helsinki.
  • 2011 May, Training for Group Improvisation. New Interfaces For Musical Expression, Oslo.
  • 2010 September, Routing Control and Audio Signals. SuperCollider Symposium, Berlin.


Music Composition and Live Electronics

  • 2013    El Hueso y La Cuerda, for dancer and live electronics. Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre.
  • 2013    Noise Systems, for multichannel diffusion. Premiered Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre.
  • 2013    Korkealla Hiljaisuuden, for Amplified guitar, Harp, French Horn, Piano and sound objects. Dedicated to Rank Ensemble. Premiered Camerata Hall, Helsinki Music Centre.
  • 2012    Noise Vectors, for Three Handheld Synths, Black Box, Helsinki Music Centre.
  • 2012    TX2, for Classical Guitar and Eight Channels Live Electronics. Commissioned for graduated exam of Jukka Kääriäinen at Metropolia, Helsinki.
  • 2012    Ricercare a cinque, for Amplified Piano, Three Manipulators and One Page Turner   Dedicated to Sami Klemola, Emil Holmström and Defunensemble
  • 2011    Secretos, for Eight channels acousmatic composition. Acousmatica II Sibelius Academy.