Moreno, Josue

MA in Music Technology MA in Music Composition



Moreno, Josué: Sonic Interventions in Public Spaces: Site-specific and Installation - Art Strategies for Sonic Arts and Intermedia Projects

As a composer, in the preceding years, my artistic and intellectual research and praxis leaned towards the practice of Sonic Interventions in Public Spaces. I have researched site-specific and installation art strategies in order to develop my own sonic arts projects. I discovered an number of elements in the state of the art that call for investigation in a more systematic way, and the interdisciplinary nature of the three academies of the University of the Arts Helsinki provide a good context for this. The research project will consist of composing a series of large-scale sonic interventions in public spaces that are site-specific intermedia projects with a strong sonic arts component. The projects will be ordered by increasing complexity and will explore different modes of site-specificity. The research will include a map of existing terminology and previous approaches to site-specificity. I will collect and develop a toolbox of digital tools useful for such projects.