Learning in and through the Arts in higher education: Developing shared leadership

A research project supported through CERADA: January 2014–June 2016

Research team:

Professor Helena Gaunt (Guildhall School of Music & Drama)
Assistant Professor Patrick Furu (Hanken Business School)
Professor Riikka Stewen (KuvA)
Professor Heidi Westerlund (SibA)
Professor Leena Rouhiainen (TeaK)

This project researches learning and teaching environments in the three academies of the University of the Arts Helsinki. It aims to illuminate and celebrate the diversity of learning and teaching processes across the disciplines, explore the potential for interdisciplinary dialogue, and develop exchange and collaboration to envision learning environments for the future.  In so doing, it also aims to research the process of developing shared leadership in this university setting.

The research is undertaken in two parts:

1. An empirical investigation of the pedagogical foundations and values of educational practices within each discipline to map the territory, using qualitative interviews and small focus groups with teachers and students.

2. Drawing upon the findings in part one, a range of curated discussions and workshops with teachers and students will take place to create a collaborative process of envisioning learning environments for future higher arts education, and potential strategies towards their implementation.

Outcomes will include a range of peer-reviewed international publications and seminar and conference presentations, with perspectives combining both higher arts education and leadership development.