Lampinen, Leena

Master of Music, Church music (Organ), Sibelius Academy 2000



Leena Lampinen: The Selection of Choral Repertoire in the North Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania

Abstract of the written thesis

The central question of this research is: What are the musical and non-musical factors that influence the selection of the repertoire of church choirs in the North Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania?

The informants are the choir conductors within the Diocese in Northern Tanzania, and both qualitative and quantitative research methods are used. The first step of data collection has been carried out as a questionnaire, with the intention of getting an overview of the choirs. The second and the most important phase of data collection will be interviews with selected conductors in March 2016.

I presume that church choir songs have educational purposes to some extent, but the liturgical aspect is strongly present. The main task of these choirs is to serve as a part of the church’s liturgy every Sunday, which affects the selection of their repertoire. The cultural context is important, because different ethnic groups and their musical traditions within the area influence the music sung by the choirs. The impact of Tanzanian popular music is taken into consideration as well. Working with a choir may be an opportunity for the conductor to realize his or her personal ambitions or a chance for developing musical skills. The data may reveal if or how musical training affects the repertoire and how conductors’ attitudes towards Western or traditional music influence the selection.