Kuznetsova-Bogdanovits Kristina

Master degree in Arts Management from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Bachelor degree in French philology from Tallinn University



Kuznetsova-Bogdanovitsh, Kristina: Educational and management practices in contemporary arts universities in Europe: The case of social impact

The study focuses on managing higher education in the arts in the selected European arts universities and examining the emergence of social impact and exploring the constructivist approach to learning and teaching. Higher education institutions are one important part of the education system, which are expected not only to adjust to the changes in the context, but also lead these changes and equip the graduates with entrepreneurial attitudes, and responsibility for their own careers. This seems to be particularly crucial for arts graduates, since the artist’s position, responsibility and impact on society have been heavily contested over centuries. The research is based on social constructivism as the theoretical approach to knowledge creation assuming that construction of reality happens through the shared processes of socialization. The study focuses in particular on how the arts students construct their relations with society and how universities support these processes. Hence, the main research question is: “How do the arts universities facilitate the awareness of social impact of the students?” The research design is a qualitative case study complemented by a survey of all students from 5 European arts universities. The case universities selected for the study are all part of the Erasmus LLP funded international joint master’s programme CoPeCo in music (copeco.ema.edu.ee). I argue that in the changing social context in Europe unique interactions with society can be achieved with constructive educational and management practices.