Inari Tilli

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Doctoral project: Choral Music and Radio of 1930s in Finland

The subject of my doctoral thesis is the use of choral music at the Finnish radio programming in the 1930s, which was also the first whole decade of radio broadcasting in Finland. Choral music has been heard at the Finnish radio programming since the founding of the Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, 1926. The choirs have been performing at the studio and at the official occasions and also many choir concerts have been recorded.

My aim is to understand what kind of a function choral music had in Finland’s early radio. I will examine the choirs that performed on the radio programmes as well as their repertoire and the listeners’ opinions. I will look for the answers by using a hermeneutic research method, which includes collecting material, reading and making notes. The essential research materials are radio programmes, history of the Finnish Broadcasting Company and Finland, the choral conductors and choirs, listeners’ letters that were sent to the Finnish radio headquarters, articles written in the Finnish newspapers and magazines, and interviews, old and new. My presumption is that the signification of choral music at the Finnish radio has been as well educational, nationalistic as entertaining.