Pinja Nuñez

  • Tohtorikoulutettava, sello, sovitus ja säveltäminen osana esiintyvän muusikon työtä, taiteen yhteiskunnallisuus, Docmus-tohtorikoulu, Sibelius-Akatemia

Tutkimus ja julkaisut


My artistic doctoral thesis reflects on the relationship and interaction between art and politics, especially from a performing artist’s point of view.

Abstract of the concert series Sounds of War and Peace

The concert series consists of five concerts that approach the political aspects of classical music from five different perspectives. One of the main goals in my artistic doctoral research is to expand the traditional classical cello repertoire by playing pieces that have stayed more or less unknown due to political and social circumstances, and by making arrangements of pieces that might not be performed otherwise.

1) Sounds from the Soviet Union (2017)

2) Trampled by war – compositions from concentration camps (2019)

3) What if everything relates to everything – the role of women in classical music (2019)

4) The sacred society – religions and spiritualism in music (2020)

5) Art rebellion – values transmitted by art (2021)

Abstract of the written thesis

In the written thesis I examine the responsibility and role of a performing artist in our society through the thematics of my concert series. I am interested in how political meanings are created in classical music and how the surrounding political situation influences artists and creative work in general. I view artists and performers as being active, socially responsible members of society. Through my research I wish to not only observe different political systems with a critical eye but also honour humanity and the power of creative work.