Jukka Iisakkila

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Master of Music
Master of Arts

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Jukka Iisakkila: Musical absurdism as a unifying feature between the works of Luciano Berio, Frank Zappa and György Ligeti

Abstract of the concert series plan

The series of five concerts is based on three works: Ligeti’s Aventures/Nouvelles Aventures, Berio’s Laborintus II and Zappa’s The Adventures of Greggary Peccary are mirrored against each other and complemented by further works by the same composers. The problem of absurdity in these works is approached, analysed and discussed from the conductor’s point of view.

The approach to this repertoire is via performer-based artistic research. The musical material is processed and analysed through the means of self-reflection, process description and musical analysis. How is absurdism present in the works by these composers, how does it affect their performance, and what musical phenomena does it evoke? Further, how does a performing conductor reflect upon the questions discussed, and what musical aspects and technical challenges does the conductor face when performing this music?