Johanna Lehtinen-Schnabel

  • Tohtorikoulutettava, tohtoriseminaari, musiikkikasvatus, MuTri-tohtorikoulu, Sibelius-Akatemia
  • +358503535459


Johanna Lehtinen-Schnabel (MuM) works currently as a Doctoral Associate at Sibelius Academy`s MuTri Doctoral School of Music education, jazz and folk music at Uniarts Helsinki. Her research interests include (second) language learning through music in multilingual contexts, embodied and multisensory practices in music education, the collaborative forms of singing, with a particular focus on diversity, social and equity issues, among others. Lehtinen-Schnabel has worked as the leading music teacher (Head of the Music Department) at Espoo Adult Centre since 1999, and as an Associate Lecturer for music education student teachers in the Sibelius Academy at Uniarts since 2002. She has been twice awarded as a teacher of the Year (2004, 2014) in the field of non-formal adult education in Finland. Her practitioner research focuses on second language learning in a multicultural choir context, and stems from her diverse experiences as a music educator in integration training and in “Learn Finnish by Singing” music courses and workshops in collaboration with multiple institutions e.g. Helsinki Philharmonics, Culture Centre Stoa, Sibelius Academy, Uniarts.