Angel Molinos Bosque

  • Tuntiopettaja, S/Global music


Master of Music in clarinet and bass clarinet, Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam, 2009.

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Doctoral project

Angel Molinos: The Artistic Possibilities of the Modern Bass Clarinet as seen over the Last Four Decades

Abstract of the concert series plan

Each concert reflects a specific thematic area concerning the role of the bass clarinet as a solo and chamber music instrument in contemporary music. In all programmes the theme has been approached from as many angles and perspectives as possible, and each includes the premiere of a piece I commissioned: I. Music for bass clarinet and electronics. II. Music for bass clarinet in different duo combinations, all rather unusual, but with very colourful sound results. III. Music for bass clarinet and percussion. IV. Music for various bass clarinet combinations, from solo to bass clarinet sextet. V. Music involving theatrical elements.

Abstract of the written thesis

My thesis focuses on the process by which the bass clarinet became a prominent solo instrument, with emphasis on how the instrument has evolved in Finland and how it has been treated by Finnish composers. The thesis will include a complete and annotated list of bass clarinet music by Finnish composers from the earliest works composed for the instrument to the most recent pieces, some of which I have commissioned and premiered myself.