Interactivity in Performance Design

Interactivity in Performance Design (in Finnish Vuorovaikutteisuus esityssuunnittelussa, shortened as VES) is a project by the degree programmes of lighting and sound design in the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. The project is developing the learning contents and the learning environment of the degree programmes.

VES seminar

The next VES seminar will be held during 4.-5.12.2019 at TeaK-Vässi Lighting Studio (Lintulahdenkatu 3, 6th floor, Helsinki). Detailed programme will be published later.

What is VES (Interactivity in Performance Design)?

Interactivity in Performance Design is a development project of the learning contents and the learning environment of the degree programmes of Lighting and Sound Design. The project creates a critical and productive research frame to support the teaching and its connection to the development of the surrounding society and the performances of the future. The relation of interaction and performance as well as practices of realization with different, mainly digital ways of using technologies are studied extensively within the project. The project begins in 2017 with the mapping of the interactivity among the staff and the teachers and produces a public seminar that gathers the views and development trends by the end of the year.


In the following years the theme of interactivity will be monitored and documented in teaching and workshops arranged with the staff and visiting experts. By the end of each project year there will be a summing seminar which opens up the past results. The project is an essential part of the content development discussion and practical explorative activity of the programmes in relation to different interfaces like the definitions of performance, performer, spectator relationship, as well as relationship to technology and the society.