Visa Mertanen



Mertanen, Visa-Pekka Oskari: The use of synthesizers and live electronics in the expression of selected artists of the jazzfusion era (1970-).

Through five postgraduate concerts and a written thesis, this work examines how Chick Corea, Michael Brecker, Joe Zawinul, Jan Hammer and George Duke have used synthesizers and live electronics in their jazz expression. The first four concerts consist of material composed or frequently performed by the artists in question. The fifth concert focuses solely on my own compositions.

In the thesis, the expressive characteristics of the artists in this study are analyzed and presented together with findings from my own concert transcriptions. The primary goal is to use traditional jazz methods (artistic research) to assimilate the essential improvisational characteristics of the five artists in this study and integrate them into my own expression for the last concert. The secondary goal is to document, analyze, and emulate the sound aesthetic, and study the instruments and equipment the artists have used.