MA students of lighting design and LAPS worked with humanoid robots

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MA students of Lighting Design and LAPS (Live Art and Performance Studies) had a workshop in the end of February, researching interaction and possibilities of making art together with humanoid robots.  
The one-week workshop was facilitated by professor Ray Langenbach (LAPS) and lecturer Jokke Heikkilä (lighting design). Visiting teachers on the course were lecturers Juha Havukumpu from Metropolia University of Applied sciences and Ilkka Arminen from Helsinki University's Department of Social Sciences. American artist D.A. Therrien gave a video lecture on Robotics Art, and Singaporean artist Shawn Chua on Pupperty and Robots. 
Actual robots used and programmed by students in the course were Nao humanoid robots made by Aldebaran in France. Lighting Design and LAPS programmes worked in co-operation with Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Hub for Service Robotics and Metropolia provided the robots for the course. During the workshop, TeaK students came across with ethics of working with robots as well as people's reactions and expectations towards robots and encountering otherness in them.
Students filmed their experiments with the robots. See examples of the videos: