KuvA Research Days: Alex Arteaga and Nicolaus Gansterer: Practices of notation – practices of reflection. 11.12.2017

KuvA Research Days: Alex Arteaga and Nikolaus Gansterer: Practices of notation – practices of reflection

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Practices of notation – practices of reflection 11.12.2017

Host: Professor Alex Arteaga, Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki

This proposal offers a framework for the inquiry into a certain concept of notation and the specificities of and the mutual relationships between two varieties of practice: practices of notation and practices of reflection. Notation here is understood as the production of artifacts configured by signs generated and organized in correlation with ongoing events. On this basis, practices of notation are conceived as systematized varieties of aesthetic action performed in different media (e.g. graphic, video, audio, body movement) simultaneously and in immediate contact with the events to be notated. In contrast, practices of reflection are thought to be systematized forms of action that address recurrently the artifacts generated through practices of notation, producing second-order artifacts that might function as hermeneutic tools in relation to the products of notation and, therefore, to the notated events.

These topics will be investigated here in relation to a specific research object: the agency of particular components of a situation that enable the emergence of the situation’s atmosphere.

This proposal is based on the workshop Practices of notation: situated production of organized signs led by Alex Arteaga and the research project contingent agencies conceived by Nikolaus Gansterer and Alex Arteaga.    

VENUE: Exhibition Laboratory gallery, Merimiehenkatu 36, Helsinki