Entrance Examinations and Assessment

Once the eligibility of applicants and their advance assignments have been assessed, those who proceed to the next stage will receive an invitation by email. Those who have been eliminated based on application criteria and advance assignments will also be notified via e-mail.



Applicants take part in the entrance exams in their own responsibility. Theatre Academy is neither responsible for possible accidents during the examinations nor for applicants’ personal belongings.


Special Arrangements at Entrance Examinations

Applicants may be entitled to special arrangements in entrance examinations due to disability or illness. Such arrangements may include additional time to complete written assignments granted on grounds of dyslexia (certificate required). Special arrangements must be requested by contacting Admissions Services by email (teak.admissions@uniarts.fi), preferably at the application stage, but no less than one month before the entrance examination. Applicants must submit to Admissions Services a medical certificate describing their disability or illness or a relevant certificate if they apply for additional time on grounds of dyslexia (e.g., a certificate issued by the Matriculation Examination Board granting additional time for the matriculation examination).


Documents verifying dyslexia must have been issued within the last five years. Likewise, documents verifying permanent disability, learning disability or illness must have been issued within the last five years. The validity of other documents is decided based on a case-by-case assessment.


Assessment Criteria

The programmes define their own assessment criteria, which can be found in the programmes’ own admission criteria. The applicants’ overall performance is compared to other applicants. Applicants’ previous Theatre Academy auditions are not taken into account.