Master’s Degree Programme in Dance Pedagogy

In the Master’s Programme in Dance Pedagogy, art pedagogy refers to artistic activity infused by pedagogical viewpoints, generating a field of continuous learning. The programme provides a strong foundation for creative and critical thinking, as well as development of solid artistic-pedagogical skills. Graduates of the Master’s Programme in dance pedagogy work in the field of performing arts and arts education in a variety of roles and contexts, e.g. in basic education in the arts, in primary schools and high schools, in vocational and higher education as well as in various artistic, pedagogic and communal contexts and projects.



In the master’s degree programme in dance pedagogy, learning takes place at the intersection of group dynamics and independent studies. Presence, commitment and genuine encounters form the foundation of students’ professional development. Investigative learning and constructive dialogue support students in constructing their own vision of art pedagogy and encourage them to challenge the status quo. 

Master's Degree in Dance Pedagogy

Master's Degree in Dance Pedagogy

Studying in the master’s degree programmes for dance/theatre pedagogy is an open process of interaction and learning, where we step into the unknown, take risks and try out new ways of doing. Studies take place in an encouraging environment that is based on listening to and encountering each other, assessing the big picture and critically evaluating our work.
Studies in the master’s degree programme in dance/theatre pedagogy are based on presence, commitment and interaction. The degree requirements give students the opportunity to plan their studies flexibly, with the yearly syllabus providing the framework. The weekly “timetable” contains the latest changes and current events. The artistic-pedagogical event is a sizable study module and an art project usually taken at the end of the first year and lasting through the beginning of the second. Click the link below to get familiar with the concept of artistic-pedagogical event and the past events.
The master’s degree programme in dance pedagogy operates in a domestic and international framework. Internal partners at Uniarts Helsinki include e.g. music pedagogy subjects at the Sibelius Academy and CERADA (Center for Educational Research and Academic Development in the Arts) and the Finnish art pedagogy observatory operating in connection with it. Important collaboration partners in education are the Art Department of Aalto University and the University of Tampere. For the teacher training phase we have both domestic and international collaboration partners. Our most important international partners are University of Auckland (National Institute for Creative Arts and Industries, Dance Studies Department) and the Al Harah theatre in Palestine.
The archive of the master’s degree programme contains publications, lecture recordings, videos, thesis projects, doctoral theses and lists of graduated students.


Professor of Dance Pedagogy

Eeva Anttila


Lecturer in Dance Pedagogy
Liisa Jaakonaho


Lecturer in Art Pedagogy

Taneli Tuovinen


Visiting teachers, artists and lecturers (Master's Programmes in Dance Pedagogy and Theatre Pedagogy) 2019–2020:

Tomi Slotte Dufva, Susanna Hast, Tiina Jalkanen, Kristiina Junttila, Outi Järvinen, Heli Kauppila, Pauliina Kettunen, Pia Lindy, Kirsi Monni, Gesa Piper, Hanna Pohjola, Nicholas Rowe, Mariana Siljamäki, Kenneth Siren, Isto Turpeinen.


Visiting teachers, artists and lecturers (Master's Programmes in Dance Pedagogy and Theatre Pedagogy) 2018–2019:

Anders Carlsson, Raisa Ekoluoma, Sanna From, Gabriele Goria, Sami Henrik Haapala, Sini Haapalinna, Marja-Leena Juntunen, Suvi Kajaus, Katri Kauppala, Heli Kauppila, Sanna Kivijärvi, Tuija Kokkonen, Alex Komlosi, Maiju Kopra, Helena Korpela, Maria Nurmela, Liisa Pentti, Gesa Piper, Hanna Pohjola, Pilvi Porkola, Camila Ribeiro, Liisa Risu, Leena Rouhiainen, Nicholas Rowe, Kenneth Siren, Timothy Smith, Yuko Takeda, Isto Turpeinen.


How to apply

We invite applications to the Master’s Degree Programme in Dance Pedagogy in January 2020. Applications will then be invited both from Finland and from outside of the country, and candidates with sufficient skills in English are welcome to apply. If international students are admitted, the entire class will be taught in both Finnish and English.


All University of the Arts Helsinki e-mail addresses are in the form firstname.lastname (at)

Planning Officer
Justiina Westerinen