MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance (MAECP)

MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance (MAECP) is a two-year pilot of a master’s degree programme, which studies questions in ecology and performance in the era of ecological crises through a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach.


MAECP attempts to respond to the questions and needs raised by the current ecological situation that implicates all species, as well as the current shifts taking place in the field of performing arts, from the perspective of relations and dependencies. MAECP investigates and develops the methodologies, practices and theoretical bases of contemporary performance while developing new forms of collaboration, interaction and knowledge production in between the art, the research and the sciences and within a posthumanist framework. It encourages the students to review and reformulate existing practices, to experiment with and invent new forms of performance making and to maintain openness not only towards various forms of art but also towards different fields and discourses.

Contents of Studies and Degree Requirements
The study contents and core modules intertwine and interact with each others in various ways within the programme each academic year, depending on the current projects, collaborations and networks as well as the needs of the programme and its students.
The structure of the program aims to enable collaboration and dialogue on various levels: between the students, between the students and the teachers/mentors, as well as between various degree programmes, academies and artistic and scientific communities. It also supports intensive and extensive collaboration and networking with artists and other professionals, both in Finland and abroad.
MAECP Open Lecture Series
MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance has curated an open lecture series throughout its existence.
Head of programme Kira O'Reilly.

Overall Learning Objectives

Overall Learning Objectives

Upon the completion of the programme the student

• is familiar with the main philosophical, theoretical, cultural and scientific discourses related to ecology.
• recognises the value of ecological thinking from the point of view of humanism, natural sciences and the arts.
• is capable to relate and contribute to the current contexts and discussions in the field of performance.
• approaches performance as an open question.
• is able to construct her/his own methods in order to approach questions and themes relevant to his/her own artistic practice.
• takes part in both the domestic and international field according to her/his own interests.
• is well-informed about the production structures that enable transdisciplinary work, and is able to work within these structures according to the needs of individual and collaborative projects.

Contact information

Head of programme


Kira O'Reilly
tel. +358 50 449 49 29




Jaakko Hannula
tel. +358 50 309 43 61