Degree Programme in Acting


Every year, 12–14 new students begin their study in the degree programme in acting.


In addition to the students' personal growth as artists, the degree programme in acting emphasises the communal nature of theatre. In the programme, you will explore your personality and identity as a member of a team. The objective is to help future theatre artists build their professional networks and to look for and create common topics, forms, methods, and vocabularies. During your studies, you will work together with students of choreography, dance, sound and lighting design, cinematic art, scenography, and costume design as well as with theatres, universities, and other stakeholders, especially in the field of theatre.


The basis of acting is in the body, bodily techniques, and interaction, which can all be developed. The focus of study is on action and practising, both for acting and for expressive subjects. All students have their own perception of the world and their vision and experience of life, which the programme both supports and challenges.


The programme applies dialogue and contact teaching that both students and teachers are committed to. It challenges your skills and your intellect. The programme is an encouraging, challenging, and safe environment for experiments and failures, experiments and successes, and progress and regress; for safe and well-trodden paths as well as strange and scary ones.


The bachelor’s programme takes three years to complete, and the master’s programme takes two years.


The objective of the bachelor’s programme is that you learn to interact with a team in a respectful manner, sharing your experiences and visions with your peers. In the bachelor’s programme you will learn to apply the basic principles of theatre work. Your study in the bachelor’s programme progresses in annual study modules, and you are required to attend on a full-time basis.


In the master’s programme, you will further develop your practical skills. You will learn to work independently and think analytically. You will become familiar with the traditions of the field. Most of all, you will acquire a willingness to explore new horizons and to create connections and combinations not seen, heard, or experienced before.  The master’s programme offers several options, emphasising the significance of independent study planning and execution.


The Language of Teaching and Degree is Finnish.


Kandidaatti- ja maisteriopinnoista


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