The Centre for Joint Studies at the Theatre Academy

The Centre for Joint Studies at the Theatre Academy plans and arranges optional courses in the joint studies of all degree programmes. It is also responsible for arranging general studies at the BA level at the Theatre Academy, and for arranging independent study units. The Centre for Joint Studies also takes part in various projects and the development of teaching at the Theatre Academy.

Joint optional courses

Joint optional courses

Optional courses are arranged in August, December, May and June every (academic) year. Some of them are primarily focused on bachelor’s degree students, while others are mainly intended for master’s degree students. Most of the courses are offered also in English depending on participants. Most courses also welcome students of the other academies, and a few spots will also be available through the Open University.


You can see the course catalogue of the optional courses on offer in November-December 2020 here (WebOodi) and timetble from this link.

Study units

Study units

Study unit in contemporary performance 2017-18 (25 credits)

Study unit in dramaturgy 2017-18 (10 credits, in Finnish)


Study unit in contemporary performance 2018-19 (25 credits)

Study unit in dramaturgy 2018-19 (10 credits, in Finnish)


Students may also choose to complete individual courses rather than an entire study unit.


Picture: Eero Yli-Vakkuri, Horse and performance course, autumn 2016

The Centre for Joint Studies is looking for new opportunities, takes new initiatives and welcomes suggestions for joint community activities and the development of teaching. The Centre arranges seminars, meetings, pop-up courses and workshops; it forms working groups and starts new projects. Since Uniarts Helsinki was formed, the operations of the Centre have expanded to included contact and shared operations with the Sibelius Academy, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Open Campus. We also collaborate continuously with Aalto ARTS. The strength of the Centre lies in its role as an independent teaching unit, representing and serving the students and staff of the entire Theatre Academy.

Contact information

Aune Kallinen

Head of the Centre for Joint Studies


Jukka von Boehm


Jyri Äärilä

Planning Officer


e-mail addresses: firstname.lastname(at)