Submitting admissions material via Embark system

(Instructions for applicants to Doctoral studies, updated January 2019)


Once you have filled and sent in your electronic application form at, submit your pre-examination assignments or other materials (e.g. audition video) using the Embark system. Go to the following address:

First, you must register and create your own account at Embark system. After that, you must follow these steps to ensure that your materials arrive to Uniarts Helsinki.

  1. Fill in applicant information
  2. Fill in application information
  3. Upload supplemental materials if required in your programme (e.g. CV, motivation essay, composition samples, etc.)
  4. Upload audio & video materials if required in your programme
  5. Review your application
  6. Submit your application. After this you cannot adjust your application in the Embark system anymore. NOTE! This last step is important, if you do not press the submit button, you application will not be sent forward to Uniarts Helsinki for assessment!

You do not need to complete your Embark application in one session. You can save the application, log out, return to the application later to continue and adjust it, until you are ready to submit it.


Technical instructions

Please rename your attachments to the following: lastname_firstname_attachmenttitle.fileformat (e.g. smith_jane_auditionvideo.pdf). Do not use “umlauts” or other special characters when naming your files. Embark does not recognize these characters, and the upload or viewing your files might not be possible.

The Embark system accepts the following audio / video / document / image formats:

  • Audio – mp3, m4a, aiff, wma, wav, aac
  • Video – mpeg, mpg, mp4, mov, avi, wmv, m4v, vob
  • Document – the preferred format for all text documents is pdf
  • Image – jpeg, png, gif, jpg

Embark system accepts files up to 5GB in size (recommended size max. 2GB). In order to ensure that all uploaded videos can be viewed in a web browser, all videos are converted to MP4. In order to ensure that all uploaded audio files can be heard in a web browser, all audio files are converted to MP3. In visual materials you can upload any resolution you would like.

Make sure that your computer and browser are up to date. Updating your browser will most likely solve most of the problems you might encounter. Best supported browsers are: Google Chrome version 13+ (highly recommended), Mozilla Firefox version 3.6+, Apple Safari version 6+, and Internet Explorer version 10+. Use a stable internet connection when uploading your materials. Please also ensure that your computer does not fall into standby mode when in the middle of uploading your materials.

Make sure that you submit the actual files and not accidentally, for example, their shortcuts. If the programme to which you are applying requires image or video files, please note the following: If you are using Apple's iPhoto software, it is easy to accidentally upload only the shortcuts of the video files rather than the actual files. You must upload the original files to the Embark system, as the shortcuts will not work properly. You can access the original files on iPhoto in the following way:

  1. Go to iPhoto and click the file(s) so that it is highlighted (but not opened)
  2. Choose File -> Reveal in finder -> View original file

This will show you the file you need to upload.

Technical support:

All technical support for the delivery of application materials via Embark system is available at the following link:

If you do not find what you are looking for from the abovementioned page, Embark’s customer service ( will respond to support requests quickly, so this is the best way to ask for help with technical problems. NOTE! Embark customer service is located on the eastern coast of U.S. Please consider the
time difference!



  • Submit your materials via Embark system as early as possible! It can take up to hours to upload larger files if there is a lot of traffic in the system. Uniarts Helsinki recommends that you upload your materials to Embark system well before the final deadline so that you have time to access user support in case of technical problems.
  • Before you click the final submit button, please check that you have uploaded all the necessary attachments to your application and that all of your application details are correct! Embark applications, in which the materials are only partially uploaded or are missing any part of the required materials will be automatically rejected. Remember also to check the integrity of your uploaded files and that they work the way they are supposed to.
  • Embark applications that are submitted after the deadline will be automatically rejected.


(Embark Privacy Policy: