Failure to register

Failure to register during the autumn period

If a previous year student notices that he or she has not registered as present or absent in the beginning of the autumn semester, it is possible to regain student status by paying

1. The re-registration fee € 35 to the University of the Arts Helsinki's account (account information below)

2. (only when registering as present): The student union fee to the University of the Arts Student Union’s account (instructions at the beginning of the page)

3. The payment receipt/receipts and the registration form must be delivered to the student's respective academy's study office at the beginning of the autumn semester. A check up on the student's study progress and remaining study right will be performed. Registration forms:

Return of the right to study

Students will lose their right to study if registration has not been completed by the deadline. After the autumn period, a request for the restoration of the study right must be made in writing. The request must be returned to the particular academy's study office or study/academic services. An additional re-registration fee of € 35 must be paid to the account of the University of the Arts Helsinki (account information below).

Please notice that there are two different accounts (re-registration fee = university, student union fee = student union) when paying!

Recipient: Taideyliopisto (University of the Arts Helsinki)

Receiver bank: OP Financial Group

Bank address: PO Box 308, 00013 OP, Finland

Account number (IBAN): FI40 5000 0120 2882 37


Academy reference numbers: 700 00632 (Academy of Fine Arts), 700 00658 (Sibelius Academy), 700 00645 (Theatre Academy)

When the written request for re-enrolment or change to enrolment is accepted together with a completed processing fee, the study right will be restored immediately during registration.