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Business in the creative fields

Learn to master the basic aspects of business in the context of the creative fields, including marketing, corporate cooperation and copyright law.

Opiskelijat seisovat käsillään Musiikkitalon edessä

About the studies

The study module in business in the creative fields gives students basic knowledge of business in the creative fields and central related themes, such as marketing, corporate cooperation, sponsoring and copyright legislation. The purpose of the study module is to support students’ journey in gaining career skills and give them tools that will help them form their own competence profile that is needed when establishing a business or working as an entrepreneur.

The study module can be completed within one academic year. You can also choose to complete only some of the courses in the module. During the 2019-2020 academic year, the classes are held on Wednesday evenings. The study module is aimed at both degree students and Open University students.

The scope of the study module is 20 cr, and it consists of five courses:

  • Business and entrepreneurship in the creative fields 5 cr
  • Planning and marketing for business in the creative fields 5 cr 
  • Sponsoring and cooperation with businesses 5 cr
  • Copyright and contract jurisdiction 2 cr
  • International business basics 3 cr


The coordinating teacher for the Business in the creative fields study module is MA Laura Köönikkä. Lectures are given also by guest experts. 


You can register either to the entire study module or to an individual course. In August, students can register for the study module as a whole or for courses offered in the autumn term. Course registration for instruction scheduled for the spring term takes place in November/December.

Degree students follow a different schedule when it comes to course registration compared to Open University students.

Students are selected to the course based on the skills and the level of motivation that they indicate on their application. 

How to apply to the study module (to be updated in November)


Open Campus

Application languages


Tuition fee

Fee €15/credit.

Application period

Registration to the study module as a whole or to specific courses offered in the autumn is open in August. Registration to the spring term’s courses takes place in November/December.

Supervising teacher

Riitta Huttunen