Announcement of results and feedback

Sibelius Academy will publish its entrance examination results on 28 March 2019 (Separate Application procedure) and 6 June 2019 ("admissions proposal" for the Joint Application procedure). The decisions will be available on Sibelius Academy’s premises in Helsinki (Nervanderinkatu 13) and Kuopio from 9 am (Finnish time) onwards. The decision will also be published on Uniarts Helsinki admissions website including names of those applicants who have given permission to publish their names online.


Sibelius Academy will send e-mail to those accepted as students and those on the wait list on the day of publication of the decision. Some e-mail clients may treat our messages as spam, so please check your spam folder as well! Other applicants will not receive an e-mail. You can also inquire about the results by e-mail at


A part of Sibelius Academy's degree programmes are applied for via the Finnish Joint Application to Higher Education system. Applicants were able to apply for a maximum of six programmes in the Joint Application, and they were required to place the programmes in order of preference. You cannot be accepted to more than one programme of those you chose for the Joint Application. If you are eligible for more than one study or degree programme, you can only be accepted to the programme you placed highest in your order of preference. All universities and polytechnics must make their admission proposals by 28 June 2019. If you have Finnish internet banking codes, a Finnish electronic ID card or a mobile certificate, you can view the results at Studyinfo system (My Studyinfo service). If you applied for a study or degree programme in another university or polytechnic and placed it higher in the order of preference than any of Sibelius Academy programmes in your Joint Application online form, and you are accepted to the programme with the higher priority, you cannot be accepted as a student at Sibelius Academy even if you are in the proposal for admission.


Available degree places and wait lists

If the admissions criteria aren’t met, some programmes may choose not to admit new students.


Your success in the entrance examination will be used to rank you. The most successful applicant or applicants after the accepted candidates can be placed on a wait list for places that may become vacant at a later date. The decision on applicants placed on the wait list will be published in Sibelius Academy’s admissions decisions.


The wait lists are either programme-specific or alternatively group-specific, if there are several wait lists for different groups in a single programme. If you have been placed on a wait list, you may only be admitted to the programme if someone in the programme in question (or group in question) does not accept the study place, or if someone who has been selected conditionally fails to submit the necessary documents by the end of the deadline. If a degree programme does not accept any new students, no applicants can be placed on a wait list for places that might become vacant at a later date.


Feedback on the entrance examination

You have the opportunity to receive feedback on your performance in the entrance examination. A list of persons responsible for feedback on the entrance examinations will be announced on Uniarts Helsinki admissions website on the day of the admission decision. Each programme, main subject, and main instrument will have a specific time slot for feedback. The feedback is intended to guide you to further improve your performance and to help you find development areas.