Classical instruments: Organ and clavichord

The organ is the king of instruments. At the Sibelius Academy, you’ll have the opportunity to study to become an organist in a unique, international environment while learning about various instruments representing different eras and genres.

In a nutshell

  • Target degree: bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music, master’s degree in music
  • Scope of the degree: BA + MA 180 + 150 study credits (3 yrs. + 2.5 yrs.), master’s degree 150 study credits (2.5 yrs.)
  • Field of art: Music
  • Organiser: The Sibelius Academy
  • Next time to apply: January 2019
  • Studies begin: at the start of the academic year in August
  • Person responsible for the degree programme: Professor Olli Porthan (organ), lecturer Mikko Korheonn (clavichord)

Content and structure of the education

As a bachelor’s student with organ music as your major, you’ll learn about playing the organ, organ improvisation and structure of the organ. Your studies will also include ensemble playing and mastering the keyboard, as well as the history of organ music and organ pedagogy. As part of your bachelor’s degree, you will prepare a repertoire for the Level B performance examination. In your keyboard instrument studies, you will reach at least the Level C in piano, harpsichord or clavichord. After moving over to master’s studies, you will reach a higher level of expertise in organ playing, organ pedagogy and organ improvisation and prepare a repertoire for the Level C performance examination. If your major subject is clavichord, you will focus on mastering your main instrument as a musician and gaining knowledge of improvisation, continuo playing and the structure and history of the clavichord. As part of your bachelor’s studies, you will also prepare a repertoire for the Level B performance examination. Degree structure and course descriptions

Learn more about the instruments

With organ music as your major, you’ll have the opportunity to use three organs, all representing different eras, in the Organo Hall of the Helsinki Music Centre. Various organs at the Sibelius Academy’s premises at Nervanderinkatu are also available for students’ use. Classes are also organised in the Metropolitan region churches. 

How to apply

Links to the admissions guides and more information about applying can be found on the admissions page. The next application period to the University of the Arts Helsinki is in January 2019.

Doctoral studies and other further training

After graduation you have the opportunity to apply for postgraduate studies in music with our doctoral programme, focusing on scientific, artistic or applied doctoral studies. At the Sibelius Academy you may graduate with a licentiate degree in music or a doctoral degree in music.