Petri Kaverma


As Post Doctoral researcher Kaverma runs an artistic research project that explores the cultural and visual aspects of dying. The project seeks new solutions to encounter the audience and to work as an artist and researcher in the delicate area of death. 

Death is a theme with particular resonance in our Finnish society. At the meantime Christian imagery and language, which have monopolized the Finnish landscape of death, are losing their meaning, and Finns are now seeking alternative ways to verbalize and frame their experiences at the end of life. Presently, there are no updated images of death in our culture. Of course, we have the numinous black cars and coffins covered by shiny white synthetic fabrics, but we no longer see death through these worn-out attributes of sorrow. It could even be argued that the very object of dying – the body, the corpse – has consequently disappeared. A dead person has turned into an abstraction, and, thus, our experience of death has lost its meaning.  As individual level silence and invisibility surrounding death has made it more frightening for us.

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Kaverma has taught in several art schools; he has curated exhibitions and organised visual art and environmental art projects both in Finland and abroad. He graduated as Doctor of Fine Arts in the year 2012 and his doctoral thesis handled about the silence and disturbance of art, what kind of disturbances art causes in the environment.

Artistic activities
* Deutsches Lager and Other Post Doc Stuff, ExhibitionLaboratory, Helsinki 2017
* Separator, Opus 4., Helsinki, Kunsthalle Helsinki 2013
* Separator, Opus 3., Karjala, Joensuu Art Museum 2012
* Thinking Tools, FAFA gallery, Helsinki 2011
* Builders – Houses and Spaces of the Artists, Kuopio Art Museum 2010
* The Sippu Spring – An Environmental Art Project, Ars Sippola -environmental art event, Kouvola 2010
* Hurmio – Focus -exhibition, Tikanoja Art Museum, Vaasa 2010 & Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki 2009
* Separator, Opus 2., Kantri & Urbaani, Galleria Pihatto, Lappeenranta 2009
* Chinese contemporary art from Songzhuang, Kouvola Art Museum 2009
* Sconfinamenti, Dalla buona pittura alla video art, Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome 2008
* Separator, Opus 1., The Eight Homes urban area & Tsinghua University and their surroundings, Beijing, China 2008
* Studio Mic, Rome, Italy 2007
* Unbelievable but true, Helsinki City Art Museum, Meilahti, Helsinki 2007
* Taken apart – objects and stories, Galleria Sculptor, Helsinki 2005
* Angels and humans, Kemi Art Museum 2005
* Mänttä Art Weeks 2002
* Off Scene, triennial exhibition of Finnish photographic art, The Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki 2002
* Harbour lights, Association of Finnish Sculptors, Port of Helsinki 2002
* Mänttä Art Weeks 1999
* Institute -environmental artwork, South Karelia Art Museum, Lappeenranta 1998
* Or Are You?, Gallery Hippolyte 1998
* Landscape Measurements – Sculpture Trail, Sculpture Symposium in England 1996
* Draw-A-Man – a sculpture of a poor man in the form of a CD ROM,
Helsinki City Art Museum 1995
* Stone -environmental artwork in the park of the Helsinki City Art Museum, Meilahti 1994
* Barley-environmental artwork, Helsinki 1993
* Time-Space -exhibition, Nordic Art Centre, Suomenlinna, Helsinki 1992
* Shop Window -video installation in the shop window of the Stockmann department store, Helsinki Festivals 1991

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* ”Silence-ensemble, opus 1.”, Artistic Research Forum -conference, Stavanger (NO)     2016    
* Futures of Deathscapes -workshop, University of Western England UWE, Bristol, GB    2016
* EASR 2016, Relocating Religion -conference, Helsinki University, Finland    2016
* The Futures of End of Life -conference, Lancaster University, Lancaster, GB    2016
* Borders – VIII Conference on Cultural Studies, University of Oulu, Finland    2015

* KuvA Research Days, The Images, Rituals and Notions of Life and Death planning, hosting & moderating by Petri Kaverma, 2016

* Referee: MIT-press Jounal, ”Mortality and Design”, a special issue of ”Design Issues” -jounal, 2016

* Referee: Kulttuurintutkimus-lehti, Kulttuurintutkimus 33 (2016): 3-4, 2016

* Referee: RUUKKU nro 7/2016: ”Harjoittelu ja Harjoittaminen Taiteessa”, 2016